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It was love at first sight, in 2000, with my Alfa Romeo 155 1.8 Ts (year built: 1995). Nine years and over 130.000 km later, it was however time for another car.
The sound of a V6 Busso gives me goosebumps, time and again and I wanted my next car again to have a timeless design.
Some test rides in a 156 could not convince me, though Bella did: a 166 3.0l 24v V6 227 pk (year built: 2000).
I've never regretted my choice! Each ride is a pleasure, whether it is for groceries or for a cross-Europe trip.
In 2014 after more than 100000 km it became time to look for a other 166, it had to be a diesel and specifick the 20V. I finally found my new Bella in France and after importing it was time to enjoy the 2.4L JTD 20V diesel, 2004. Untill now I have again no recrects, when the turbo kicks in it's even faster than the V6!
I'm a member of several Dutch Alfa forums of which my favourites are the Alfa Romeo 166 club and The Alfa Forum NL. These forums organize wonderful scenic driving tours (so-called giro's) throughout Belgium, Germany, and of course The Netherlands.
Click here 166 3.0 V6 24V.
Click here 166 2.4 JTD 20V.

Buon divertimento!