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Chronicles of a
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Staff Sergeant Steven Revilock

Place of birth - Cuyahoga, Ohio
Entered the Service from - Ohio
Servicenumber - 35027283
Service - 5th Infantry Regiment, 71st Infantry Division
Rank - Staff Sergeant
Died - Wednesday 4-Apr-1945
Status - D.O.W
Buried at - The Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial
Location - Margraten, Netherlands
Plot - I
Row - 12
Grave - 1

Steven is the son of Mike and Anna Revilock.

They came from Austria or Czechoslovakia. In 1904 they emigrated to the USA and came in New York on land. At that time their last name was Revilak.

In 1920 the household existed of:
Mike 36 years father
Anna 34 years mother
Mike 10 years brother
John 8 years brother
Joe 2 years brother
Steven was 5 years at that time.
There residence at that time was Cuyahoga, Ohio.

In 1924 they became American citizens and change there name in Revilock. These're the NATURALIZATION RECORDS 1818-1931:

From the time between 1924 and 1941 there is nothing to find about Steven or his family.

At the first of august 1941 he enlisted, this is his Army Enlistment Record.

Where Steven served at the begin of his Army life we don't now at the moment.

This is the story wich let to his dead:

From: http://www.bobcat.ws/ww2history.htm

On the 3rd of April we made contact with elements of the 6th SS Mountain Division near Breitenbaum. After we reached there the Company hastily deployed for action. Contact with the enemy was made at 11:45 hour and our push through the wooded and hill terrain began.

At 15:00 hour intra-Company radio an-nounced that our right flank had been held up by enemy action and that two men had been killed and one seriously wounded.

These men were: 2nd Lt Muray D Box, Leader of the 2nd Platoon and Pfc George R Woodburn, rifleman, both were killed. SSgt Steven Revilock, platoon guide, seriously wounded. Several days later we learned from our Chaplin that Ssgt Revilock had died of his wounds.

A moment should be dedicated to these men at this time. Finer soldiers, were never had. Lt Box with all his humor and grand ways was missed considerably.
Pfc Woodburn, a good soldier, feared no one he fought and died a brave man.
Ssgt Revilock, a very competent platoon guide, was one of the older members of the unit and in heartfelt manner we salute him. This is a copy of his Id-tag.

He was buried on the 7th of April at the Us Militairy Cemetery Butzbach, Germany.
Next to him they burried T/Sgt Delgrego, in which Unit he served was unkown at the moment, and Pfc Miller of the Co A 5th Infantry 71st Division.

In august 1948 they re-buried him at the Magraten Cemetery and Memorial.

In 1949 his father and mother lived in Cleveland Ohio.

In December of 2007 I got in contact with Duane Revilock Jr, he his Steven's grand nephew.