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Chronicles of a
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Privat Frist Class Troy Mitchum Jr

Place of birth - Oklahoma
Date of birth - Wednesday 16-April-1924
Entered the Service from - Texas
Servicenumber - 38685888
Service - 5th Infantry Regiment, 71st Infantry Division
Rank - Privat First Class
Died - Saturday 14-April-1945
Status - K.I.A
Buried at - Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial
Location - Neupre, Belgium
Plot - C
Row - 36
Grave - 19

Troy Jr is the son of Thomas and Hattie Mitchum.

His father was born in 1879 in Mississippi and lived in Jasper untill 1900. Afterwards his household moved to Wise, Texas. In 1917 his father was drafted for WWI.

In 1930 Troy Jr lived in Cement, Caddo, Oklahoma. At that time the household existed of:
Thomas 51 years father
Hattie 48 years mother
Homer 24 years brother
Geneva 19 years sister
Joe 15 years brother
Lora M 13 years sister
Maxine 11 years sister
Norma G 7 years sister
at this time Troy Jr was 6 years old.

We have recieved the Individual Deceased Personnel File.

Now we know that Troy Jr was born on 16-April-1924 and killed through a snipper-shot in Bayreuth, Germany on the 14-April-1945.
Troy Jr was married to Cleo Stephens on the 23rd day of April 1944. A few days, 26 april 1944, before Troy Jr enlisted. This is Troy Jr's Army Enlistment Record.
Because the marraige was so short before Troy Jr's enlisment the Office of the Quatermaster of the US-army send Troy Jr's IDPF to his mother, Troy Jr's father was deceased before 1947.
When they found out that Troy Jr was married they send a letter, in december 1947, to Cleo Stephens. She was re-married on the 19-december-1946 and wanted the remains of Troy Jr to stay in the European Area.

After Troy Jr was Killed In Action, they burried Troy Jr at the Eisenach Cemetery in Plot A, Row 8, Grave 178.
In september 1948 Troy Jr was burried at the United States Militairy Cemetery in Magraten in Plot QQ, Row 8, Grave 178.
What a coincidence that Troy Jr was burried twice in the same Row and Grave-number!
On 30-september-1949 they "storaged" Troy Jr in Neuville, Belguim. Because it wasn't clear of his remains had to by ship to the Us or not.
On the 3-september-1950 Troy-Jr was placed in his final resting place at the Ardennes American Cemetery And Memorial.